So, im part of the IT personal of a company that controls user access to their company computers trough an AD server, pretty common stuff, every time an user has some sort of issue in their computer, they open a ticket, and we try to iron that issue out by opening an RDP to their machine, using one of our admin accounts so that we have full acess.

The problem lies in the fact that sometimes the users end up forgetting that we are connected and end up logging with their own credentials while we are still connected, and thus, closing the RDP, wich kind of infuriates us.

I want to know if there is a way to prevent that from happening, i dont know maybe some sort of AD server config that prevents users without administrative privileges from logging in the machine while an admin-level RDP session is happening?

Thanks in advance.

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    This sounds like you need an application like Team Viewer, Dameware or another remote support software. – Davidw Aug 8 at 2:20
  • Not an option unfortunatelly, we leave teamviewer only for when wan access is needed, IT department chief demands that lan access should be made trough rdp – user1126775 Aug 8 at 12:55
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    If you are unwilling to use software that is meant for remote support, you could consider disabling the user's AD account before you start your remote connection, and then re-enabling it after you are finished. That should prevent them from logging in, which should prevent them from kicking you out. – Doug Deden Aug 8 at 14:12
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    If you have SCCM agents on your desktops, then I'd recommend using the Config Manager Remote Viewer tool. It lets you temporarily take away keyboard and mouse access to the local user while you work. Without that, you could use the Windows remote assistance features to share the screen with the user so they can reproduce what's going on. Admin level fixes can be deployed remotely without RDP. Non admin fixes can be done by the user with your help. – twconnell Aug 8 at 19:43
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    So, prevent the user from kicking out the admin - except in cases where the admin forgot that they were logged in and walked away for the day - because i KNOW I've seen that happen. – Semicolon Aug 8 at 20:47

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