When I run systemctl status with multiple services at once like

sudo systemctl status myservice1 myservice2 myservice3 I see the output, but in the end I see

lines 1-48/48 (END) or if the output is even larger with more arguments

lines 1-62 and I can scroll or paginate the output and quit with q.

Can this behavior be changed that all log output is printed at once and the command exits?


Two options:

  • PAGER=cat systemctl status service1 service2 service3
  • systemctl --no-pager status service1 service2 service3


Those lines 1-62 messages are produced by a pager program, the commonly used ones are more and less. Pager programs intend to make output more user-friendly, scrollable, etc. They are especially important on less feature-rich terminal emulators.

The pager program to use is controlled by PAGER environment variable. By setting PAGER to cat we replace fancier more or less with a much more simple pager which actually does not do any paging.

Alternative is to pass --no-pager to systemctl which tells it not to invoke pager program at all.

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    cat is not necessary. It works to simply have PAGER be empty, e.g. PAGER= systemctl status ... – Michael Hampton Aug 8 '19 at 17:55

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