I'm trying to shut down WildFly 9.0.2 with a script (Windows Server). Everything I have read online point to the same command:

jboss-cli.bat --controller=localhost:9990 --connect --command=:shutdown

When I run this (even as Admin), I get the following error:

Failed to connect to the controller: 
The controller is not available at localhost:9990: 
java.net.ConnectException: WFLYPRT0053: 
Could not connect to http-remoting://localhost:9990. 
The connection failed: Connection refused! no further information

I have tried variations like replacing localhost with the fully qualified hostname, the IP address, etc. I have also tried passing in user/pass with --user=myuser --pass=mypass.

Thing is, I am 99.999% sure this worked a couple years ago on the same machine. Nothing has changed that I am aware of.

The following is my jbos-cli.xml:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

WildFly Command-line Interface configuration.
<jboss-cli xmlns="urn:jboss:cli:2.0">

    <default-protocol use-legacy-override="true">http-remoting</default-protocol>

    <!-- The default controller to connect to when 'connect' command is executed w/o arguments -->

    <!-- Example controller alias named 'Test'  
        <controller name="Test">


    <!-- Command and operation history log configuration -->

    <!-- whether to resolve system properties specified as command argument or operation parameter values
                in the CLI VM before sending the operation requests to the controller -->

    <!-- Whether to write info and error messages to the terminal output -->

    <!-- Whether to filter out commands and attributes based on user's permissions -->

WildFly is running and I can successfully connect to the web console using SSL and 9993. The following are my port configs in standalone.xml:

<socket-binding-group name="standard-sockets" default-interface="public" port-offset="${jboss.socket.binding.port-offset:0}">
    <socket-binding name="management-http" interface="management" port="${jboss.management.http.port:9990}"/>
    <socket-binding name="management-https" interface="management" port="${jboss.management.https.port:9993}"/>
    <socket-binding name="ajp" port="${jboss.ajp.port:8009}"/>
    <socket-binding name="http" port="${jboss.http.port:8080}"/>
    <socket-binding name="https" port="${jboss.https.port:9443}"/>
    <socket-binding name="iiop" interface="unsecure" port="3528"/>
    <socket-binding name="iiop-ssl" interface="unsecure" port="3529"/>
    <socket-binding name="txn-recovery-environment" port="4712"/>
    <socket-binding name="txn-status-manager" port="4713"/>

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?


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