Lets say we have John Doe as an employee at a company and he has been assigned an email address of john@company.com.

A year later John leaves the company and his account becomes dormant. Another year after that we hire John Door and decide to give him the email address of john@company.com.

We delete the old John Doe user and create the new John Door user.

Now Jane Doe needs to send an email to John Door so she fires up her browser and opens her email account in the same G Suite organization (her email is jane@company.com). She begins to enter "John" into the TO field of the email she is composing and it auto-fills with "John Doe" not "John Door".

Fast forward a few days and G Suite has synced up the Contacts Directory with individual G Suite users and most individuals now see "John Door" when they begin entering john@company.com, but some users are still seeing "John Doe".

Why is this? My assumption is that the individuals still seeing the old information have a contact in their local G Suite account with information about "John Doe" and that Google doesn't overwrite this contact with information from the Contact Directory.

Am I correct? Or is there another reason someone might continue to see the old contact information associated with the email address?

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