I help administer a number of servers which use Munin for monitoring, and currently have all alert emails going to a specific monitoring email list.

However, I would like some (but not all) alerts to also go to a second monitoring list; specifically I'd like the free space alerts to go to all users of these servers.

From the question "How do I set up alerts for specific parameters" I know how to disable alerts for all contacts, but I'm not finding anything about only enabling specific alerts for specific contacts.

My local.conf is currently something like this:

contact.admins.command mail -s "[munin] ${var:host}: ${var:graph_title} status ${var:worst}" admins-list@example.com
contact.admins.always_send warning critical
contact.admins.text (admin-oriented alert email text redacted for clarity)

contact.users.command mail -s "Storage on ${var:host} is currently ${var:worst}" users-list@example.com
contact.users.text (user-oriented alert email text redacted for clarity)

    address servername.example.com
    df.warning 0:90
    df.critical 0:95
    contacts admins

and what I'd like is for the df warnings (and only the df warnings) to also go to users.

From the munin documentation it seems that I can somehow configure the contacts on a per-plugin basis, but there are no examples given, and ideally I'd like to only have this on some, rather than all, hosts (although it's not a big deal if it can't be limited on a per-host basis).

  • I'd use a wrapper script for contact.admin.command that checks the message and if it concerns df then also notify the users.
    – wurtel
    Aug 14, 2019 at 7:26
  • @wurtel That seems like it would be difficult to do well, especially when I want entirely different messages for both. I'll consider that as a possible approach though.
    – fluffy
    Aug 14, 2019 at 20:32


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