Sorry, I'm new at this but here is my problem:

We've got a domain with godaddy the dns is with cloudflare and the site is on herokuapp.

I need to create a subdomain for the domain which points to a server with wordpress so that marketing people can create what they need fast.

How do I go about doing that?

I've seen someone just use herokuapp to host wordpress, but it doesn't seem like the best solution.

I've tried to create a cname record for the subdomain, but that just points to an empty herokuapp page.

Thanks a lot :)

  • Just make sure that Heroku listen on that particular hostname and the hostname that you put in the CNAME is correct. The heroku documention should give you everything – Orphans Aug 14 at 11:40

Make Heroku listen to that hostname and make sure to put the CNAME record of that domain pointed to heroku

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