Sorry for the screenshots being in german.


  • Server: Windows Server 2016
  • Client: Windows 10 Pro

My goal:

  • Running a VPN Service on the Server
  • Connecting to it from the client

What I've done:

I've added the DirectAccess and VPN (RAS) feature.

enter image description here

Then I've enabled Routing and RAS.

enter image description here

Then I've enabled Dial in for the Administrator

enter image description here

Here is a proof of not having any restrictions to the connections.

enter image description here

My clients setup and my try to connect.

enter image description here

The remote-connection has been declined because of the username and password being invalid or a not valid selected authentication-protocol for the RAS-server.

Remote-access eventlog

enter image description here

The user Administrator, which established a connection with 87.xxxxxx failed to authenticate: The connection has been refused due to the configured policies on the RAS/VPN-server... username and password invalid or authentication-protocols are not matching with the one configured in the connection-profile.

I can to 100% say that the credentials are correct. I even copied them out of notepad to be sure not having any typos in it. By the way I dont know whats ment with auth-protocol in the connection-profile. Which connection-profile?

Can anyone tell me whats wrong with this?


Weird error message and also weird solution. I've set an IP-range (IPv4) to the RAS for the clients and the connection imediately worked.

Special thanks to ruNN0r for his solution which I've found here.

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