So I've recently bought a domain name from Google Domains, and have set up a virtual machine from the ASP.NET template available on Google Cloud Platform. I went through the tutorial on setting up Cloud DNS and setting my name servers on Google Domains and I believe I've done everything correctly.

I have already:

  • Reserved my static external IP:
  • Set up my Cloud DNS:
    • A record for polytide.net.
    • NS records (generated by GCP) for named servers ns-cloud-e[n].googledomains.com.
    • SOA record (not sure what this is, but generated by GCP).
    • CNAME record for www.polytide.net.
  • Set the custom named servers on Google Domains to the above NS records.

I've performed a DNS Query and everything seems to be working; however, I can only access my website via external IP. I've tried pinging both the domain name and the external IP and only the IP returns a result. When trying to access my website via domain name I get the following error:

polytide.net's server IP address could not be found.


I feel like I'm missing a critical point and I'm at a standstill. Also, not sure if this is important, but the VM doesn't have the firewall boxes checked for HTTP or HTTPS. I did check these boxes in an attempt to fix the issue, but it didn't work, so I unchecked them since that was the default that the template used.

How can I setup my Google Compute Engine website to utilize my Google Domain?

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It looks like everything is set up correctly, and I can access your website OK from here (it shows an "Under Construction" page).

Most likely, the NXDOMAIN result was cached in your local DNS server, or your ISP's DNS server, or your web browser. It will eventually expire and things will work for you. See How long does negative DNS caching typically last? for more information.

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