I'm using minikube version 0.28.0 and files don't persist after a restart.

I ran into the problem after noticing my database data disappears after a restart (even though the pods, pv's, and pvc's say they've been up for days). I used minikube ssh to create some files and noticed those disappear, too.

FWIW - I ran minikube addons list to confirm that default-storageclass is enabled

Should I be using minikube --mount to mount my data to my dev machine's disk? How can I persist my pods' data?

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According to the official documentation minikube persists the data stored in the following host directories that can be mapped inside the particular PV via hostPath volume type:

  • /data
  • /var/lib/minikube
  • /var/lib/docker

Hence, in order to mount some custom host folder inside minikube VM, keeping the relevant data to retain across cluster reboots, you can use minikube mount command:

minikube mount [flags] <source directory>:<target directory>

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