I have two VM with an SQL server on each and I need to connect to both SQL servers from each machine, either from SSMS and with PowerShell script.
Also, today I don't manage to do that I'm always getting "Access Denied" from both server when trying to connect to the remote one. SQL server access Denied

  • Here is my setup.
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Sql Server 2016 Dev edition
    • SSMS v18.2
    • Both machines are in the AD Domain,
    • I'm using on both machine my AD account which is member of the local Admin group of each server
    • The access to Administrative shares is working properly.
    • My account is member of the sysadmin Server Roles of both SQL server, and owner of the DB I need to reach.
    • Both server have the "Allow remote connections to this server" checked.
    • Both SQL server service are running under my AD account.
    • Both Server have the Firewall disable to make sure this is not due to Firewall restriction.

Any idea what I'm missing ?


Are the appropriate protocols enabled in SQL Configuration Manager? My guess is they're not. Check that first.

  • That exactly what I just find out 2mins ago ! Thanks for the prompt answer ! – Matthieu Ducorps Aug 20 at 3:05
  • Developer Edition and Express Edition ship with IP connectivity disabled by default, as they are often installed on developer desktops and accessed only locally. – David Browne - Microsoft Aug 20 at 15:13

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