2 Windows Server 2012 VM's on MS Azure and access is via RDP over Azure Point to Site VPN using a client certificate.

I can connect to the VM's fine but I need to connect to SQL Server 2008 R2 which is running on the VM. Connecting now gives me a "cannot generate SSPI context" which I assume is down to my current windows logon not been part of the domain.

I am not able to change the VPN setup to use Username / Password as it always reverts back to certificate.

How can I connect to my instance of SQL ? Can I somehow add the client cert to the sql login ?

Any help would be great.


It seems like this isn't possible with the Azure P2S VPN. As a workaround, install the Routing and Remote access to one of the VM's with NAT and the user can login using the credentials supplied to the VPN.

But if someone knows different...

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