what will be the path to ffmpeg on linux server.......

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Try whereis ffmpeg on the command line.

  • +1 because whereis is cool ( linux.about.com/library/cmd/blcmdl1_whereis.htm ). Thought ffmpeg needs to be listed as a command in order for it to work isn't it?
    – marcgg
    Dec 29, 2009 at 11:15
  • 3
    Yes, but which ffmpeg is faster to just find the path of a binary :-)
    – raphink
    Dec 29, 2009 at 17:51

If ffmpeg is in the path, use which ffmpeg to find its path.

If it's not in the path, use locate ffmpeg.

The fact that it's a server should not change the path where it is installed if you installed it with packages, so it should probably be in /usr/bin/ffmpeg.


It might be in the bin, etc... It kinda depends where it got installed.

Use the find function to get it for sure.


On a hosted Linux server, it may not even be installed. Probably depends on your hosting package.

But if it is installed, /usr/bin (for the executable) and /usr/lib (for the libraries) would be the first place I'd look.

Also, locate ffmpeg may be a helpful command to try.


try 'locate', 'which', or 'whereis' ... If all fails, then 'find / | grep ffmpeg'

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