We had a windows 2008 R2 server with a lot of VMs in it which crashed. We were able to recover the content of the "Hyper-V" folder located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V from the crashed server. The VHDs are stored in a RAID 5 drive which are safe. We have now replaced the hard-drive and reinstalled Windows 2008 R2. How can I restore all VMs and their snapshots using the recovered "Hyper-v" folder? I have tried below with no luck: - I stopped the Hyper-v service - Replaced "Hyper-v" with recovered one - Restarted the server and it can't load the VMs.


You can use the powershell cmdlet Import-VM

 Import-VM -Path 'C:\<vm export path>\2B91FEB3-F1E0-4FFF-B8BE-29CED892A95A.vmcx'

You can copy the VM if you don't want to register in-place:

Import-VM -Path 'C:\<vm export path>\2B91FEB3-F1E0-4FFF-B8BE-29CED892A95A.vmcx' -Copy
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