How do I configure an idle connection timeout with Ubuntu firewall ?

I am encountering an issue in my production environment and suspect that the idle connection timeout in the firewall is causing it. To prove it, I need to simulate this in my local environment.

I have two local Ubuntu machines. On one of them I turned on ufw, configured a certain port to be accessed and connected to it from the second machine. After waiting over an hour realized that one hour is not the default idle connection timeout.

  • What idle connection timeout? If you aren't doing NAT then there isn't one. For your real problem in production, look at the device which is doing NAT in your network. This is where such a timeout would exist. – Michael Hampton Aug 25 '19 at 17:55

I attempted a few things but was not able to reproduce this behaviour. The closest I came is to kill the connection using tcpkill or ss
Unless anyone has a better suggestion, I will mark this as an answer.

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