I'm trying to configure a custom domain name ("test.example.com") transferred to Route 53, pointing towards an S3 static website bucket ("test.example.com"), through the use of a cloudfront distribution ("1111.cloudfront.net") (for the record, I couldn't point the domain toward the S3 bucket directly either). I've got the following settings;

Route 53 record sets:

  • A test.example.com (alias = yes) pointing towards: 1111.cloudfront.net
  • AAAA test.example.com (alias = yes) pointing towards: 1111.cloudfront.net

Cloudfront distribution:

  • Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs): test.example.com
  • IPv6: enabled
  • Delivery method: web
  • Domain Name: 1111.cloudfront.net
  • SSL certificate: *.example.com (registered in us-east-1, I've got a similar one in eu-north-1)
  • Origin: test.example.com.s3.amazonaws.com

Certificate manager:

  • Domain name: *.example.com
  • Additional names: example.com
  • Status: issued

The following works:




The following does not work:



I can't see what I'm missing?


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Step 1 :Set Redirection for this --> http://test.example.com to http://1111.cloudfront.co Step 2 :Set Url Masking for this --> http://1111.cloudfront.com (Coding) to actual website

URL Masking Link: https://www.brontobytes.com/knowledgebase/202/htaccess-URL-Masking-Examples.html?language=english&currency=7

I think you explained the in complex form kindly let us know actual content to be displayed (Source) and other pointing urls.


Apparently DNSSEC was activated on the domain. Route 53 does not support DNSSEC. It was a transferred domain, so I could delete the public keys (you can't add, but you can delete keys created with the previous DNS service).

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