I'm kinda lost, my ESXi kungfu is not strong enough obviously. What I did is put the server into maintenance and install the vib ESXi600-201905001.zip via ssh://esxcli software vib install --depot=/vmfs/volumes/...zip which worked fine and then I finished off by reboot but now I cannot see any storage anymore. vSphere-Client can also not find any drives, disk or such.

I tried some commands and recommended by the internet but none of them helped:

esxcfg-volume -l #shows nothing
esxcli storage vmfs extent list #shows nothing
esxcli storage vmfs snapshot list #shows nothing

the only command that shows something is esxcli storage filesystem list but the volumes have no names anymore

Mount Point                                        Volume Name  UUID                                 Mounted  Type       Size      Free
-------------------------------------------------  -----------  -----------------------------------  -------  ----  ---------  --------
/vmfs/volumes/53604056-a33ee2a8-e6ca-0cc47aab4cfe               53604056-a33ee2a8-e6ca-0cc47aab4cfe     true  vfat  299712512  84172800
/vmfs/volumes/8b6b7ee9-eee037bd-f068-7adeee1c369e               8b6b7ee9-eee037bd-f068-7adeee1c369e     true  vfat  261853184  62386176
/vmfs/volumes/1461ebe2-641ebb2e-0a5a-58f5a4cbba15               1461ebe2-641ebb2e-0a5a-58f5a4cbba15     true  vfat  261853184  62996480

I have no clue how to debug this or mount it, so I hope one can lead me into the right direction how to make my ESXi see my VM's again. We had 2 datastores with raid1 and raid10 but when I try to add them via vSphere the disk list is empty.


  • shows no datastores: no datastores

  • when trying to add a device: no devices with free space


  • also no datastores: no persistent storage

  • when trying to add a device: no disk/lun

Thanks for hints, tips and workaround in advance :)

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    What does your 'storage adapters' tab look like? What version did you go from? Oh and what's the full HW spec? – Chopper3 Aug 27 '19 at 15:12
  • from 6.0.0 Update 1 to 6.0.0 Update 3 (Build 13635687) the tab shows 11 vmhba Wellsburg AHCI Controller, 1 iSCSI Software Adapter and 1 USB Storage Controller the system is a X10DRi with 2x Xeon E5-2623 v3, 64GB RAM and an Adaptec ASR-8805 - 12G SAS. One co-worker suggested that the drivers are incompatible with the update, but since it was just a minor-update with bug fixes, I'm not sure that's a possibility – MushyPeas Aug 28 '19 at 8:42

So, the problem was that the AACRAID needed an update.

To find the proper bundle, you have to check VMware HCL for IO Devices: https://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php?deviceCategory=io

I had to install the Adaptec_Inc_bootbank_scsi-aacraid_6. offline bundle and now my storage is back at last. Next ESXi update will be skipped :D

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