I'm brand new to Google Cloud Platform, and we are working on a strategy to provision software for non-technical users.

Is it possible to prompt a user with a familiar Oauth-like, one-click request for permissions/privileges that will give our system account a VM-admin role on the customer's Google Cloud Platform account?

Ideally, we could create a project in their GCP account with the necessary admin roles assigned. We'd spin up a compute instance from an image we maintain, and manage the vm as necessary but let the customer fully own the resource. Principle of Least Privilege would be applied wherever possible.

User ease is a major concern. We want to prevent the user from needing to navigate into the GP backend to manually create projects and assign roles.

Can GCP do this?


I think you have to separate you main goal on several processes. The access can be archive with Oath in your application or use cloud functions.

If your going yo deploy on your costumers GCP account you need a service account or a custom role to do that.

For the custom deployment you can use deploy manager or another deployment tool.

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