On client C, a directory from server S is mounted via SSHFS (authenticated as user U). The relevant filesystem on S has a quota set. How can a user on C see her quota? The quota command run on C displays nothing. Is there a way to make it work? S uses XFS, if that makes any difference.

Ideas for workarounds:

  • SSH into S as U and run the quota command there. Problem is, U should not be allowed shell access to S. This is currently implemented via ForceCommand internal-sftp in a Match block in sshd_config. We would have to write a wrapper script to allow sftp-server and quota.
  • Let a CRON job on S regularly run quota for each user and put the result in a file in their home directory, e.g., ~/.quota. Pro: SSHD config stays tidy; con: more load on the server, no real-time info for users.


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