I got a Debian 8.11 vServer with Apache2. With the server I received a gratis domain. I bought an extra domain and set it's A records to the vServer IPv4 address. For the extra domain I have a valid SSL certificate that I installed.

Accessing certain directories / files on my webserver from my browser show different results depending on the domain I'm using.

https://mydomain.test/phpmyadmin/ - HTTP Error 500 (nothing in the logs btw) http://thefreedomain.test/phpmyadmin/ - Showing me the index page - Showing me the index page, too

Now other directories work on all 3 domains for some reason.

And the weirdest part is: Without having changed anything, a 500 error that occured at a certain path with a index.php using my new domain randomly disappeared after awhile.

Been trying to find the cause of this for a while now.


You didn't mention it so I assume you don't have any weird VirtualHost configuration or something, so I would look take a look at errors in PHP logs and MySQL logs too, edit php.ini if necessary - you may have a script that extracts information from the hostname or header. The behaviour with domains seeming to fix themselves is probably from an initial error being cached.

  • Couldn't find any hints in all those logs Sep 3 '19 at 13:30
  • @user3367856 do you have PHP error logs setup (can you supply the relevant lines from phpinfo();?) and what logs do you have coming from MySQL?
    – LTPCGO
    Sep 3 '19 at 21:30

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