I have installed varnish and nginx and secured my website with lets encrypt SSL. I tested varnish against nginx cgi cache and i have found out that varnish is a bit faster in my use case (wordpress). So i need some help on how to use nginx for SSL termination with varnish and how to forward http to https as my website is https only. I am running ubuntu 18.04

  • Anyone? Please help me out. – Rahul Biswas Sep 5 '19 at 15:21

Add the below lines in /etc/varnish/default.vcl

sub vcl_recv {
  if ( (req.http.host ~ "^(?i)www.yourdomain.com" || req.http.host ~ "^(?i)www.yourdomain.com") && req.http.X-Forwarded-Proto !~ "(?i)https") 
           return (synth(750, ""));

sub vcl_synth {
  if (resp.status == 750) {
    set resp.status = 301;
    set resp.http.Location = "https://www.yourdomain.com" + req.url;
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