As a follow on to the Windows Server 016 scheduled task must be in future, can anyone confirm if the same quirk exists in Windows Server 2019?

When I was tidying up the Task Scheduler Library with some folders to group together tasks, I used the export/import process to copy them from the root folder and into their respective sub-folders. Then I'd run the task manually just to test, and would get an error along the lines of:

Task Scheduler failed to start "\Folder\Task Name" task for user "(default user)". 
Additional Data: Error Value: 2147943568.

Having never enjoyed much success chasing up error codes, I thought it might have been caused by the export/import process, so I manually created the task again. Start date was today, start time was the time in the morning I wanted the first run to go, which was 7am, and then repeat every hour. I created the task around 11am.

The task saved just fine, however it refused to run manually. The configuration was similar to the screenshot in the previously referenced question.

Some Googling found that question, plus various discussions saying a patch was released in August 2017 for Server 2016, and that now it worked as expected. However I'm finding it isn't, at least for me anyway. If I have to update an existing task, or enter a new one, the start date still needs to be in the future.

  • Found this discussion about Server 2016, with a link to the KB update. – Cameron Sep 9 at 9:10
  • The KB mentions Addressed issue where a task’s repeat trigger stopped working after reboot. but apparently that was meant to cover the reboot and the future scheduling problem – Cameron Sep 9 at 9:11

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