On a Windows system, in the Service console, there is a recovery tab to configure actions for a service in case of failure.

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How can I configure this with PowerShell?


Abstract from https://evotec.xyz/set-service-recovery-options-powershell/

 function Set-ServiceRecovery{
        [string] [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] $ServiceDisplayName,
        [string] [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] $Server,
        [string] $action1 = "restart",
        [int] $time1 =  30000, # in miliseconds
        [string] $action2 = "restart",
        [int] $time2 =  30000, # in miliseconds
        [string] $actionLast = "restart",
        [int] $timeLast = 30000, # in miliseconds
        [int] $resetCounter = 4000 # in seconds
    $serverPath = "\\" + $server
    $services = Get-CimInstance -ClassName 'Win32_Service' -ComputerName $Server| Where-Object {$_.DisplayName -imatch $ServiceDisplayName}
    $action = $action1+"/"+$time1+"/"+$action2+"/"+$time2+"/"+$actionLast+"/"+$timeLast
    foreach ($service in $services){
        # https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc742019.aspx
        $output = sc.exe $serverPath failure $($service.Name) actions= $action reset= $resetCounter
Set-ServiceRecovery -ServiceDisplayName "Pulseway" -Server "MAIL1"

There is currently no native PowerShell cmdlet to manage the service recovery.
However, to auto-restart a service when it fails you can use SC.
(In a PowerShell prompt you must precede it with & and use the full name sc.exe)

& sc.exe failure msftpsvc reset= 30 actions= restart/5000

The official documentation is on Microsoft Docs under Sc Failure

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