I have 2 CentOS 7.6 nodes which I have configured with drbd, drbdmanage and pacemaker for active/passive failover.

during a failure my vip and drbd service failover from primary to secondary the next node but I couldn't connect to drbdmanage to inspect/manage the cluster.

Since pacemaker has resource type for drbdmanage I assumed that I should be able to manage and failover the service to the surviving node.

I would like to know whether it's possible to failover drbdmanage after a node failure?

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DRBDmanage will not work correctly in “pure” 2-node setup, because of lost quorum. drbdmanage will work properly in following cases:

If you need “pure” 2 node high available storage take a look at solutions, which have been designed for it (like Starwind vsan free)

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    Thank you for the confirmation. I will look at the option with configuring it with witness node as a tiebreaker. – Sajirupee Sep 12 at 14:02
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    Just a side note, DRBDManage is deprecated by LINBIT and should no longer be used. Check out LINSTOR if you need to dynamically provision DRBD devices. – Matt Kereczman 2 days ago

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