First of all: Apache 2.4.25, Debian 9, PHP 7.2

I know - my problem isn't new and there are a lot of threads on the web which deal with it. Unfortunately there's no solution for me.

I've a subdomain test.example.xy
Inside the root-directory I create a phpinfo(); file. Output in browser:

PHP Version 7.2.2 [...] Server API FPM/FastCGI

So everything seems to be fine but if i link to phpmyadmin...

Alias /phpmyadmin /usr/share/phpmyadmin

... and open test.example.xy/phpmyadmin in browser I just can see the unparsed source-code of index.php from phpmyadmin.

I know that I can go back to mpm_prefork and disable mpm_event. But that's not my goal because I wanna speed up my page with http2 enabled. Any ideas?

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