I've migrated a VM from an old system based on Centos and KVM. The VM itself is also based on Centos. The VM had 4 disks in it and those are still being kept, everything was basically converted.

The problem I am facing is that after all the disk converstions and everything being recognized by VMWare, when I try to boot the system, it stalls without even prompting for any OS start. My guess is that it is not reading LVM or for some reason LVM is not being activated. I am kind of blind in here as I don't know what else to look. I have also tried a Centos recovery session, where I can see all the volumes and data inside, only after running the "vgchange -a y" command.

Is there someone who could point me to some other direction? I did this type of conversion before but the VM had only one disk, so that was "easy".

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  • you need to check if the device names in kvm was vdX and now using vmware you have sda – c4f4t0r Sep 12 at 0:43
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    Well, that was not the case, I guess. I decided to redo everything as someone did started the old machine while I was creating a backup of the disk files, so, the consistency wasn't already not good. Also, I found that all of the disk files were using qcow2 format (which were not the case based on the file extension), which I wasn't aware and I was using default settings for qemu-img to convert.I am redoing everything now, so that I can get it right. If there is anything else, I will post here again. Thank you anyway. – Fred 2 days ago

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