I'm running a postfix mail relay, and postfix appears to be dynamically rewriting the return path.

Postfix server -> Postfix relay -> recipient

The return path is being set to the original postfix server which from what I understand is by design.

I would like the return path set to the actual sender email address. So if from "Postfix server" I send a message from user@example.com I want that to be the return path, not the address of the original postfix server.

In my research I found that this can be done with a map that rewrites the header, but I don't see a way to get the sender email using a map so that this could be done dynamically.

Basically I would like to set something like:

/^Return-Path: (.*)$/Return-Path: ${sender}

Is there a way to dynamically get the sender email so that I can rewrite based on it? If this isn't an option is there an alternative that would work?

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