I have a firewall that forwards port 2222 to a Linux machine running SSH server on port 2222. The problem is I do not know what the IP of the firewall is. So I want to scan the subnet to tell me which IP has this forwarded port.

I tried this script:


for ((i=2; i<256; i++));

        sudo nmap -sS -p2222 10.1.$i.0/24

The output of this is a lot of this:

Host is up (0.00039s latency).
2222/tcp open  EtherNetIP-1

For 256x256 hosts this is what I see. I think this answer could be one of two answers:

  1. What should the output be? Maybe I missed it and must grep for it.
  2. What is a different nmap scan I should use?

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