I'm already trying to use this exporters for simple icmp probes:


It gives only 3 icmp latency metrics


Only metrics for atlass ids


Some icmp metrics without packet loss


Some icmp metrics without packet loss

and this mtr exporter


Give all metrics but I can't understand how to conquer routes and get actual mtr info.

So I can't get actual latency and packet loss metrics from no one from this exporters, can You recomend for me some one exporter with this options(packet loss, latency) or explain how mtr_exporter works and some url to related grafana dashboard template?



The smokeping_prober grafana dashboard has:

  1. A histogram of response times;
  2. A graph of packet loss; and
  3. A graph of latencies.

It achieves the packet loss graph using the following expression:

  - smokeping_response_duration_seconds_count{host="$target"}
/ smokeping_requests_total{host="$target"} 

What's happening here is:

  1. First we get the number of actual responses by taking the total pings and subtracting the number of responses recevied

    - smokeping_response_duration_seconds_count{host="$target"}
  2. Then divide this by the total responses, giving you a percentage value, for example 0.08 = 8% packet loss.

The latency graph is achieved by taking the sum of response durations and dividing that by the number of responses, giving you an average response time. The expression is:

/ smokeping_response_duration_seconds_count{host="$target"}

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