I have my old mailbox, which was hosted by my hosting provider. I want to move it to a new one, like G Suite.

To access my old email, I used imap.mydomain.com server.

I now moved my site to a new provider, so I changed the A-records to point to the new server. Therefore, as I understand, I cannot access my old imap.mydomain.com because it points to the new IP.

Do you know what I could do, which records I could change, to temporarily point imap.mydomain.com to my old server, so I could access it via IMAP protocol and use the new email hosting provider migration tool (either G Suite or any other)?

Should I add the A-record for imap.mydomain and point it to the old server and keep the MX records as they used to be (the old server as well) and migrate the data? Or I don't have to change the A-record and I can just do with the existing MX records unchanged?

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    Rather than using the hostname imap.example.com , use the ip-address (of the imap server at the old provider) to connect to the old server with your imap client... – HBruijn Sep 26 '19 at 9:17
  • @HBruijn ok, so that's going to work then. maybe you want to post it as an answer so I accept it. thanks. – Aerodynamika Sep 27 '19 at 17:17

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