I am using a SuperMicro server, and its ipmi firmware has a so called "Virtual Media" function. It allows you to mount an iso file, which is then presented to server as a usb cdrom.

I cannot understand why some of the iso files are not mountable. When I choose an iso file in Virtual Storage menu, and then click Plug in button, I got message:

Device1: Can not open ISO Image File

But some other iso files are able to be mounted correctly with the message:

Device1: VM Plug-In OK!!

I thought that the iso file size could be a problem, but seems it is not.

Edit: there is a similar question, but in that case the cause was firewall.


It is the problem of java iKVM Viewer. It for some reason requires a write permission to your iso file. If it is missing, then mounting fails.

I have accidentally found mentioning of such requirement from the very end of this article.

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