I have an IBM 2005-16B switch, and it has a male serial connector on it, and I want to use that to configure the device.

I also have a usb to male serial cable, and I have recently created a null-modem cable based on This pinout.

I connected all up, used linux cu command with 9600 baud rate (I also had to chmod 666 /dev/ttyUsb0) and I didn't get anything on the console output. (Also tried putty on windows, same results).

Do I have to use some other cable, or my switch is basicly broken?

  • What does the IBM documentation say? – joeqwerty Sep 27 '19 at 17:03
  • To use their included cable, wich apparently I don't have. In the meantime I figured out the ip address of the switch by disassembling the whole thing , and pulled out it's cf card and the ip address was written in the hosts file. Now I can use a version 6 of javaws to get to a log in screen, but the password is not the default one... So I am back at it again, I need a console cable to reset the passwords. – Mrwut Sep 27 '19 at 20:47
  • What I was getting at is does the IBM documentation have any information about how to make a cable? – joeqwerty Sep 27 '19 at 20:49
  • As far as I know it does not have any pinouts or how to diy a cable if you don't have one. "Creating a serial connection Before you can begin configuring the switch, you must create a connection by way of the serial port. To create a serial connection to the switch, perform the following steps: 1. Using the provided serial cable, connect a workstation to the serial port on the switch..." – Mrwut Sep 27 '19 at 21:05

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