I have a MikroTik RB4011 router with port 10 marked as a PoE-Out port. I have not yet used this port but now I have a TP-link AC1200 access point which has no power cable but requires PoE.

On the router the LED of port 10 is always on even when there is no cable attached. The other LEDs go off and on as expected according to attached or not attached cables. But when I attach my access point to port 10, it is not working (no led indicating it is on) and there is no entry in the logs.

In my router logs I see lines like "ether6 link down", "ether6 link up" for all ports but not for ether10. Exception: I've found only one log "ether10 detected poe-out status: on" but never since then.

Any ideas how I can make my PoE access point to work using port 10 (PoE-Out)?

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