I have an old server running Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003. I'm trying to setup a brand new server running Exchange 2016. There is a massive change between the version and I'm having hard time how to duplicate my Exchange 2003 setup with the new 2016.

On my Exchange 2003 I have a SMTP Connection that forwards all emails to my webhost smtp server.

SMTP Connector to webhost

Then I have the Default SMTP Virtual Server configured to use TCP Port 2525 for the outgoing connection.

Default SMTP Virtual Server

In Exchange 2016 I've been able to add the send connection by going to mail flow> send connectors. How can I configure exchange to use port 2525 when forwarding emails to the webhost?


Found the answer you'll have to use exchange shell. https://authsmtp.com/exchange-2016/exchange2016_alternative_port.html

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