I'd like to implement self-destructing e-mail address rules on my Postfix mail server. The idea is to have public address like this:


where 0220 in the address means "February 2020". If Postfix receives e-mail for this address before 3/1/2020 it will be delivered to some non-public e-mail (e.g. mark@mydomain.com) but after this date the e-mail is discarded (/dev/null).

Such system would allow me to have infinite number of temporary addresses.

Postfix allows regular expressions to match recipient address but how to do that conditional rewriting based on time?

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    I'm interested if that that can be done native in Postfix. In the past I have used the recipient_delimiter + sub-addressing separator which allows you to use any sub-address label after your local username username+label@example.com and the power of procmail (or other mail filters such as sieve ) to accept, discard and store "unique" email addresses in separate folders without having to set up specific aliases before hand.
    – HBruijn
    Oct 7 '19 at 11:05

Make any suitable lookup table dynamic by adding a sufficiently dynamic lookup method, such as SQLite. If postfix itself delivers the mail (no dovecot etc), the alias table seems appropriate. I will demonstrate for local mail (analogous configuration possible for virtual).

You may keep your existing (e.g. hash:) lookup(s) and just add the new method:

alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases sqlite:/etc/postfix/date-dependant-aliases.cf

You might need to install support for the new lookup type. I chose SQLite, because I do not need to setup a database if my query does not use one.

# /etc/postfix/date-dependant-aliases.cf
dbpath = /dev/null
expansion_limit = 1
query = WITH T (prio, forward_addr, condition) AS ( VALUES (1, 'mark@mydomain.example', '%s' >= ('john' || substr(strftime('%%Y%%m', 'now'),3))), (2, 'devnull', 1=1)) SELECT forward_addr FROM T WHERE '%s' LIKE 'john____' AND condition ORDER BY prio ASC LIMIT 1;

Explanation of the query (note local delivery agent inserts lowercase key for %s, other % need quoting):

WITH T (prio, forward_addr, condition)                    -- sub-query
AS ( VALUES                                               -- with these 2 rows:
(1, 'mark@mydomain.example',                              -- 1: real address,
'%s' >= ('john' || substr(strftime('%%Y%%m', 'now'),3))), -- if >= current months alias
    -- SQLite doesnt have 2-digit dates in strftime
(2, 'devnull', 1=1))                                      -- 2: discard, always
SELECT forward_addr FROM T                                -- postfix only needs the target
WHERE '%s' LIKE 'john____'                                -- require matching template
    -- no REGEXP support; just match 4 arbitrary chararacters
AND condition ORDER BY prio ASC LIMIT 1;                  -- select best match from sub-query

You should verify the query suits your needs using postmap:

postmap -q john$(date +'%y%m' -d '+1 year') sqlite:/etc/postfix/date-dependant-aliases.cf
postmap -q john$(date +'%y%m') sqlite:/etc/postfix/date-dependant-aliases.cf
postmap -q john$(date +'%y%m' -d '-31 days') sqlite:/etc/postfix/date-dependant-aliases.cf
postmap -q john1801 sqlite:/etc/postfix/date-dependant-aliases.cf

Note the propagate_unmatched_extensions parameter (see man 5 postconf and man 5 aliases), which changes behavior in case of address extensions (+foo) not previously matched.

  • Your reply inspired me to try different "sufficiently dynamic lookup method": tcp map as described here postfix.org/tcp_table.5.html. But I've run into some security constrains (error: tcp:localhost:4444 map is not allowed for security sensitive data)
    – bizwiz
    Oct 9 '19 at 6:51

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