I want to delete /dev/sdb disk from the server. Before doing that I guess I should remove lvm and anything related to it. I don't care about /dev/sdb1 data.

I'm trying to follow this article https://www.golinuxhub.com/2014/03/how-to-remove-logical-and-physical.html

lvremove /dev/mapper/VolGroup01-LogVol00

but during the second command I get the following error

vgreduce VolGroup01 /dev/sdb1
Can't remove final physical volume "/dev/sdb1" from volume group "VolGroup01"

Also tried vgchange -an VolGroup01 and then vgreduce VolGroup01 /dev/sdb1 but still same error.


You are trying to "reduce" a volume group to nothing. Instead, to delete it, use vgremove.

vgremove VolGroup01

Now you can remove the LVM volume label from the physical volume with pvremove.

pvremove /dev/sdb1

And now you can remove or repurpose the disk.

  • @user Yes, that removes the logical volume. – Michael Hampton Oct 7 at 12:57
  • okay thanks. Makes sense – user Oct 7 at 12:58

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