I have a location block in my nginx server, if i access using https://example.com/login/ display my alias folder value correctly, but if i use as follow: https://example.com/login/?param1=value1, i have a Error 400 bad request

location ~ /login/ {
    alias /var/www/app_one/dist/;
    try_files $uri$args $uri$args/ /var/www/app_one/dist/index.html;
  • What are you trying to achieve with $uri$args and $uri$args/? – Richard Smith Oct 9 at 9:27

try_files is used to refer to physical files on the filesystem. With your configuration, when requesting /login/?param1=value1, nginx tries to find file /var/www/app_one/dist/login/param1=value1.

Depending on the actual contents of param1 and value1, nginx might respond with 400 Bad request, because some characters are not allowed when accessing files.

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