I've setup VM without public IP, on a VNET with default DNS servers (provided by azure). My network security group allows port 80 and 443 (inbound).

I can't access any site in IE once I connect through RDC. nslookup works but pinging sites like google.com doesn't. Shouldn't it be possible by default? What can I check?


Try turning off Internet Explorer Advanced Security


  • It's already turned off. – Pomme Oct 10 at 7:14
  • Did you deploy this to a new virtual network or an existing one? What OS are you using also? – Micah_MSFT Oct 10 at 17:54

Use network watcher to troubleshoot

 $rgName = "ContosoRG"
$sourceVMName = "MultiTierApp0"

$RG = Get-AzResourceGroup -Name $rgName
$VM1 = Get-AzVM -ResourceGroupName $rgName | Where-Object -Property Name -EQ $sourceVMName

$networkWatcher = Get-AzNetworkWatcher | Where-Object -Property Location -EQ -Value $VM1.Location 

Test-AzNetworkWatcherConnectivity -NetworkWatcher $networkWatcher -SourceId $VM1.Id -DestinationAddress -DestinationPort 80


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