I was able to successfully add ngx_pagespeed to my Nginx server at Digital Ocean. I did an automated install and rebuilt Nginx from source with the ngx_pagespeed module per this guide: https://www.modpagespeed.com/doc/build_ngx_pagespeed_from_source

The module seems to be working. for example I can see it is automatically converting my .jpg images to .webp. Also, curl -I -p http://localhost| grep X-Page-Speed returns the expected header: X-Page-Speed:

However, I’m not able to edit any options. When I try to run something like pagespeed rewrite_images on, or even pagespeed on, I get an error pagespeed: command not found.

Per documentation pagespeed should be the command for Nginx: https://modpagespeed.com/doc/configuration

I tried a couple of other commands:

  1. whereis pagespeed returns pagespeed:
  2. which pagespeed returns nothing.

As far as I know these should be returning the full path, something like /usr/bin/pagespeed.

Any tips?


It's not a command, it's a directive that should be put in your nginx.conf. As per documentation:

in Nginx you need to add several lines to your nginx.conf. In every server block where PageSpeed is enabled add:

pagespeed on;

It's a snippet from the configuration file. The same goes for other directives such as pagespeed rewrite_images on

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