I new to this so followed this walkthrough to set up a vsftp server on an Ubuntu 16.04 box. With this configuration I managed to log into my ftp server and upload/download files but the thing is that I have to enter the server and then enter the subfolder which has read/write access for the user logging in. I tried to change the ftp root folder by changing




But this gives me GnuTLS error -15: An unexpected TLS packet was received. when I reload the server setting and try to connect.

Is there something I'm missing? What would be a recommended approach to configure vsftp so that user logs directly into its read/write folder. TLS connection is required.

  • tls had ususally nothing to do with the root dir – djdomi Oct 12 at 7:03
  • 1
    Could you show the rest of your configuration? Maybe there is some TLS - Config depending on $local_root, but this is hard to say without knowing your whole config... – Sebastian Oct 17 at 8:13

My solution is following:

I had to add following to vsftpd.conf

ssl_enable=NO --optional-- to get rid of the error

  • tried this but ssl is a requirement... still get same error – natral Oct 15 at 13:46

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