We have IO issues with our servers on FreeBSD and I am wondering if FreeBSD is the cause.


FreeBSD (our environment runs in a jail)
i7 8 cores (utilized around 10 - 20 %) 
64 GB RAM (utilized around 10 - 20 %) 
RAID Z2 of 6 WD 1 TB WD RE SATA III 7200 RPM 64 MB (WD1003FBYZ).


Copy 15 GB file on the same disk.

time cp file2.bin pepa2.bin

real    11m27.508s
user    0m0.168s
sys 0m13.306s

This means around 20 MB / s and the disc should have 128 MB / s sequential write speed, we reproduced the test on a second server with FreeBSD / ZFS and the result was similar. On similar server the same test run much faster (ca 100 MB / s).

Is it possible that FreeBSD / ZFS / RAID Z2 can cause such slowdown? Or is it just our configuration? Do you think that reinstalling the machine as debian would fix the issue?


  • please show, your raid config – djdomi Oct 11 '19 at 21:10

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