I create an azure container instance using the following code:

                containerGroup = await azure.ContainerGroups.Define(containerName)
                    .WithRegion("West Europe")

However the container sometimes shows up in the Azure portal, sometimes does not. (Yes I have refreshed the portal multiple times) I run the following command in powershell:

Get-AzureRmContainerGroup -ResourceGroupName XXXX

and it shows the azure container instance as running:

enter image description here

I can also see the container running programmatically:

IContainerGroup containerGroup = await azure.ContainerGroups.GetByResourceGroupAsync(configuration.ContainerResourceGroup, containerName);

Why is the portal not working? Or am I doing something wrong?

  • Any filters set in the portal? – Sam Cogan Oct 29 at 14:02
  • Not that I am aware of. If there was it wouldn't explain how sometimes I can see the container and sometimes I can't – johnstaveley Oct 29 at 14:11

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