I have nginx server. I'm trying to redirect .biz domain to .com but URL should be .biz only.

I have tried lots of redirection rule but it is not working.

My .com domain is already live. I want to search .biz domain but page should be same as .com

  • You try to hide one domain behind another? – Alexander Tolkachev Oct 21 at 13:20
  • So You mean Your .com domain is on another separate webserver and You want to proxy it through the .biz domain because You cannot move the .biz domain to the same the server the .com domain is hosted from - and do not want to deprecate the .biz domain with redirecting the browser to the .com? – EOhm Oct 21 at 21:41

Have you tried the nginx rewrite module? Something like this should do the trick

server {
    listen <ip.address>:<port>
    server_name <domain>.biz
    location / {
        rewrite ^https://<domain>.biz/(.*)$ https://<domain>.com/$1

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