I have downloaded and installed SuperMicro IPMIView 2.16.0 on 4 machines, 2 each on both Windows 7 and 10. When I start the program from the start menu, the hourglass spins for a few seconds and then nothing happens. There are to entries in any event logs. I have googled and not even found anyone having this problem. I see many others having problems getting a remote console to work, but I can't even start the program! I can't figure out why I am a special case.

It seems to work fine on CentOS 7.

Has anyone experienced this?


windows 10 Find SUPERMICRO and expand themenu right click on IPMIView in the menu.
Then select More.
Then select "Run as Administrator"

  • Thanks! That is of course the solution and became obvious to me right after I read my own post. Sometimes I amaze myself with I can miss the obvious! – jerryrig Nov 9 at 18:19

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