I'm not sure if this exists.

I have a client with a DVR that will accept a USB drive as a backup location. On an ubuntu server, can I create an empty file with dd, attach it to whatever the service is called, connect both computers with a usb cable (ignore cable length for now), and present that to the DVR from the server as a virtual storage device that can be formatted and used as a backup location?


This is a job for Linux USB Gadget mass storage

Here is a tutorial.

Nevertheless, your Linux host must support USB OTG mode of operation, which isn't very frequent on server hardware.

  • This sounds like what I need. I'll look into this. – user38537 Oct 24 '19 at 1:23

There’re was a project called Aclouda and it could do a similar thing but with ARM CPU and internal flash & disk. I don’t know how functional it’s and what it costs.


This is similar Linux project, but it’s development stalled.


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