We have a B2B web application, offering network management services to companies. We would like to enable LDAP authentication for this service. What I have in mind for the integration is the following:

  • Enable administrators configure their LDAP authentication settings, which are:

    • Enter LDAP server URI
    • Enter base dn
  • After configuration is complete, end users will enter their LDAP username and password, and we can try to authenticate the user with those credentials, and let them in if authentication succeeds.

We want to make this feature generic, that is, however the client's LDAP server is configured, we want to let them enter their configuration details and enable LDAP auth for their users.

As far as I can see, with this flow we can cover simple LDAP authentcation, but not custom authentication implementations over SASL.

What I want to learn is, is it possible to create a generic LDAP authentication client that could work with any authentication method, or would we need to implement each auth method seprarately? I'm guessting, depending on the client's auth method, we may need to request additional data either on configuration step or authentication step, or maybe both, but I'm not sure.

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