I need to install gRPC php extension elastic-beanstack. The way i found is to write a config file inside ".ebextensions" in order to automatically install the extension. For that I need to create yaml or json file. I need to add the following content in yaml/json file listed in the website below:


Can anyone help me to create yaml/json file in order to automate the process of extension installation?



This might work for you but I have encountered some issues with this setup.

        command: pecl7 install grpc

you might also want to add ignoreErrors: true after the last command without indentation.

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  • It may be worthwhile to describe the nature of the "issues" you encountered, to allow others to assess whether this setup is appropriate for their situation. – womble Jan 29 at 1:00
  • My answer should work. I have two instances with this setup one of them works and the other one doesn't. I dont believe my answer deserves a downvote as I dont see anybody providing a good solution after 3 months. – Xitcod13 Jan 29 at 2:39
  • @womble if this question is off topic where would be the proper place to post it – Xitcod13 Jan 29 at 2:46

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