We have computers which were 1803 and have been upgraded to 1903 using SCCM to push out the upgrade using a service plan.

After this is deployed we are then deploying the update KB4524147 to the laptops using SCCM. The update will show as compliant in monitoring although it is not installed on the computer.

I then tried downloading the update manually from the online catalog online, but that didn't work either. The error message states that it is not applicable to the system. I tried different versions and am sure that I had the right one.

If I take a computer of the same make and model and install an image of 1903 (not an upgrade, but fresh install of Windows 10 1903) then I am able to download this very same update and install it.

It appears that the ones which were upgraded somehow are retaining information that makes it appear to be 1803 still to the update. Please can someone let me know where to start looking in order to troubleshoot this issue as I am stuck at this point?


  • Try installing the latest servicing stack upgrade from ADV990001 first. – Harry Johnston Oct 30 at 21:58
  • Installing the servicing stack upgrade has not made any difference, it still doesn't recognize it as being for the system. – RLBChrisBriant Oct 31 at 11:28

When you install the newest version of Windows 10, you are most likely at version 1903.30. You can not directly update to version 1903.388. I would try approving all the updates listed here first.

  • If I run winver on a computer which is an upgrade to 1903 and one which is a fresh install of 1903 then the version shows the same. It shows as "10.0.18362 N/A Build 18362" – RLBChrisBriant Oct 31 at 10:16
  • What does it say after 18362? should say 18362.xxx – Joe Oct 31 at 12:18
  • It says 418 on both – RLBChrisBriant Oct 31 at 15:26
  • Hi Joe, I went to the webpage you have linked in your post and started installing the updates in sequence. I can install KB4522355 successfully, but KB4517389, KB4524147 and KB4517211 give the not applicable message. – RLBChrisBriant Oct 31 at 15:44
  • That's because KB4522355 supersedes all the other updates. With windows 10, each update in most cases includes all previous updates. What you want to look at is the build number. In the case of KB4522355, the build number should be 18362.449. As long as the build number is the highest available, your machine is up to date. – Joe Oct 31 at 16:04

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