as you all must know very well- mongo service is stopped when disk space reaches full capacity.

my question is- if and how can I dilute \ delete a collection while the mongo service is down?


Not sure what exactly you are looking for but to overcome from this situation you can follow below:

  1. Copy you data dir to another location where you have space and delete any .lock file if exists.
  2. Now you can try to start mongo with pointing to new dir like and repair below

    mongod --dbpath --port


Once service is up, you can do whatever you want to do.

  • thanks for the reply, and sorry for the late response. what I am hoping to accomplish is to delete some collections\data - clearing some space and allowing mongo to come back online without migrating data to another directory. currently I am thinking somewhere along the line of finding out which .wt file belongs to which collection and deleting it.. – GKman yesterday

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