I use KVM-based virtualization on my fedora 30 OS to run 3 virtual machines, runnung Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with a mini Hadoop cluster for test purposes.

The storage for virtual machines in configured to use file, mapped to LVM logical volumes.

First I created one machine master and then, after creating new logical volume for next machine, used virt-clone to create another one, slave1. Then I ran virt-sysprep --hostname slave1 -d slave1 and green-colored output contained line like changing hostname, but after I logged in to slave1 I found that hostname doesn't actually change and is the same as source VM has - master which is not what I expected.

All examples I've found used qcow image for VM storage, maybe it is related to my issue somehow, but I don't have enough expertise to find it out. Please note that I didn't use storage pool to create VM's storage.


Bit late on an answer but I had to add --enable customize to the command to get it to set the hostname.

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