I have a web app which is deployed on Tomcat. I am updating server for same IP domain name. Earlier it was abc.oldodmain.com, now it is abc.newdomain.com. I want to set up a redirect; if a user hits abc.olddomain.com it should be re-directed to https://abc.newdomain.com. I am using Rewrite Valve for Tomcat 8.0.36. With this valve I am getting too many re-directs.

Rewrite.config is set to following

RewriteRule ^/(.*) https://abc.newdomain.com/$1 [R]

I would like to set up SSL for both URLs as well. Right now I am using localhost in my hostname config and only one SSL is active at a time. The old SSL shows violated, please let me know how can I add two certs for different URLs although I am using the same war file.

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Create virtual host for both the domains provide rewrite in the old domain virtual host.then map the webapp files to new domain. Hope it helps.


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